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An introduction to Communicar’s Presidential Service

This customized service provides you with a late Model black Lincoln Town Cars or Mercedes.
You will be provided with the drivers car #, driver's name and cell phone number prior to your schedule.

Communicar's Presidential Service provides optimum efficiency and luxurios service.
You may order The Presidential Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00PM by calling (718) 418-1100 and ask for The Presidential Service.

Please allow 2-4hrs for reservation.

Various prices and rates

  Manhattan $60.00/hr (1.5 hours minimum)  
  Boroughs $60.00/hr (1.5 hours minimum)  

Special Events (from Manhattan)

  Shea Stadium $70.00  
  Yankee Stadium $70.00  
  Tennis Center $80.00  
  Giant Stadium $95.00  
  Meadowland Arena $95.00  


  La Guardia $65.00  
  JFK Intn'l $85.00  
  Newark $90.00  

Meet and Greet at the airports(Customs or Baggage)

  La Guardia $85.00  
  JFK Intn'l $105.00  
  Newark $110.00  

Airports going out of town

  La Guardia $55.00 + out of town price  
  JFK $60.00 + out of town price  
  (EWR) $35.00 + 10% gr. out of town price  

Out of town

  Any Out of Town $35.00 + 10% gr.+the book rate  
  Stops in town $30.00 additional  
  Stops Outside of town , but in the same $30.00 additional  
  County No Show OT Book Rate + $35.00 no gratuity  

Waiting Time


Airport prices include 20 min free waiting time.


All above prices are an additional 10% gratuity, plus parking and tolls and tax if incurred.

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