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Economy Service Rates

Flat Rates
To determine your fare, first determine your pick-up and drop-off zones. Then use the following charts to find your rate. All tolls, waiting time and additional stops are extra.


  Stops in Manhattan (east to east or west to west) $10.00  
  Stops in Boroughs (If same zip code) $15.00  
  Stops in Out of Town (outside NYC in same Town) $25.00  
  Stops in Out of Town (outside NYC in different Town) Full & 1/2  
  From Zone 101 (Battery Park to East & West Houston St) to NJ (south) W/Stop in SI Add $30.00  
  From all other zones in Manhattan to NJ (south) W/Stop in SI Add $35.00  
  All other stops (unusual trip will be priced by the base) Full & Full  

A stop enroute, for a newspaper or coffee is courtesy our driver offer to our customers at no charge. However, an additional passenger jumping out at red light, even when enroute is considered a chargeable stop.


  Waiting time (waiting time will be verified by GPS) $48.00/Hr.  
  Time calls in Manhattan $50.00/Hr.  
  Time calls in Boroughs $60.00/Hr.  
  Time calls in Out of Town $70.00/Hr.  
  SUV $80.00/Hr. + 20% gr.  


  Live Call (Ex: ETA given @ 12:00pm, with a 5 min. ETA, Waiting time starts at 12:10pm) ETA + 5 min.  
  Stops 5 min.  
  Reservations 5 min.  


  All packages in City $10.00+ Full Fare  
  All packages Out of Town $15.00 +Full Fare  
  Additional Stops in Boroughs (packages) $20.00  
  Additional Stops in City (packages) $15.00  


  All OT trips with return Full + ½  
Use of car phone: Domestic calls $2.00 per minute.

International calls $3.00 per minute.

Special Prices

To/From Manhattan

  La Guardia Airport $45.00 Yankee Stadium $60.00  
  JFK Airport $65.00 Shea Stadium $60.00  
  Newark Airport $70.00 National Tennis Cntr $60.00  
  Giant Stadium $75.00 Meadowland Arena $75.00  
  Westchester Airport $105.00 Teterboro Airport $75.00  
  Mac Arthur Airport $125.00 Philadelphia Airport $275.00  

From or to all other locations, there will be an additional $5.00 charge for events. Stretch limousines available upon request. 24 hour prior notification is needed. Please call our Main office for rates and scheduling information, Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - 718-418-1100. After office hours, please call the Dispatch Room at 718-418-1200.

Airport Pick-Ups

You can make a reservation or call us when you arrive in airport. You should be able to get a car within 10 minutes. We recommend that you meet our car at the designated pick-up area. There is no extra charge for this service. If, however, the driver is required to meet you inside the terminal after parking the car, there will be additional charge. If you would prefer to have the driver meet you inside at the baggage area at any airport, the rate will be an additional $15. All parking fees are additional.

The Fund.

On May 25, 1999 Governor Pataki signed into Law Chapter 49 of the Laws of 1999 establishing the New York Black Car Operators' Injury compensation Fund, Inc. (the "Fund"). Chapter 49 requires all black car and limousine dispatch bases providing service in New York State to separately charge, collect and remit to the Fund a surcharge of 2%

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